11 Apr 13
But its retail division to face a slight blip.
9 Apr 13
It may overheat and cause a fire.
22 Mar 13
And it is set to benefit from US housing recovery.
18 Mar 13
Will it continue its momentum?
11 Mar 13
FAP00-RS-2G has a potential risk of overheating.
12 Feb 13
No thanks to fixed asset depreciation.
12 Feb 13
It blames the worsening market conditions.
5 Feb 13
But it's just the tip of the iceberg.
30 Jan 13
The government awarded the deal.
28 Jan 13
No thanks to the persisting downturn of the steel industry in China.
25 Jan 13
Management’s strict cost control discipline is however a drag.
21 Jan 13
Sourcing unique and exclusive crystal lighting, decorative objects and bespoke accessories from around the world, Crystallize.Me brings the best...
21 Jan 13
But it asserts that it's still well-funded.
11 Jan 13
But growth rate sharply plunged to 9%.
10 Jan 13
Stronger business strategy for 2013 is under way.
8 Jan 13
One factor was the significant decrease in exchange gain.
3 Jan 13
Analysts expect 37% earnings growth with these updates.
12 Dec 12
There was a decrease in sales volume.
6 Dec 12
Business seems to be improving in Hong Kong.
5 Dec 12
Check out how salaries are compared iacross Asia.
27 Nov 12
OSK HK forecasts a 5% net profit decline.
27 Nov 12
Net profit margins up 8.1%.
27 Nov 12
Net gains may surge 19%.
21 Nov 12
But revenue fell 2% to HKD7.2b.
21 Nov 12
Awards focus to remain on energy efficiency and combating pollution.
7 Nov 12
Hong Kong's private sector recovers somewhat.
29 Oct 12
Learn why its HK listing is credit positive for Fosun International.
24 Oct 12
It said allegation of the company’s mineral water business is untrue.
19 Oct 12
The initial public offering is planned to be launched next month.
15 Oct 12
The warning is based on a substantial decrease of approximately 14% in the price of steel products.
18 May 12
FDI related investments account for 14% of US$9bn while exports account for 7.4% of US$17bn total.
3 Apr 12
Orders were less due to power outages and raw material shortages.
22 Mar 12
It's the tablet PC which moved 656,000 units in the past year, a blistering pace that almost beat laptop sales.
28 Feb 12
The spin-off enabled the company to focus on the development of chemical business and provided investors clearer view on the operating and...
28 Feb 12
The company's turnover soared by 78% to HK$2.1bn.
24 Jan 12
Why the glum forecast from Fitch when a demand boom is imminent in 2012?
20 Jan 12
Bose Corporation was founded in 1964 by Dr.
19 Jan 12
FreyWille brings beauty, art and fashion all together with...
19 Jan 12
Managing Director Mr. Joseph Yu, head of Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) Ltd.