Shipping & Marine

27 Mar 13
Despite a not-too-impressive 10% EPS growth.
12 Mar 13
It will help dominate the Hong Kong port.
11 Mar 13
Check out what to blame.
7 Mar 13
Thanks to its strong container shipping business.
18 Feb 13
It still owns the industry's top spot.
25 Jan 13
They will use fuel with 0.5 percent sulfur or less.
16 Jan 13
Guess which was the largest contributor.
10 Dec 12
It's a long list of declines.
26 Nov 12
Hong Kong will force ships to burn cleaner fuel.
9 Nov 12
Find out what Financial Secretary John Tsang has to say.
31 Oct 12
But at least it's less than last quarter's.
30 Oct 12
Steps are being taken to minimize traffic jams.
24 Oct 12
This is amid dull demand from Europe.
23 Oct 12
Total revenues increased by 10.9%.
15 Oct 12
The Hong Kong Tourism Board has set aside a budget of US$2 million to promote the new Kai Tak Cruise Terminal and cruise tourism to Hong Kong....
12 Oct 12
This is following the collision tragedy in which 39 were killed.
31 Jul 12
The move aims to help planters cope with expected output growth.
4 May 12
Hong Kong ports have benefited greatly from the region’s thriving trade activity in recent years.
11 Jan 12
But this project may potentially steal more of Hong Kong's shipping business and give it to Shenzhen.
26 Nov 11
Dip in performance prompted the group to pursue conservative growth principle and prudent business strategy to capture market opportunities....
21 Nov 11
Two river trade vessels destined for Thailand and Kenya just got busted.
19 Nov 11
Hong Kong Customs seized 81 bags of rice bearing forged trademarks and with a total value of about $28,350 in an anti-counterfeit goods...
19 Nov 11
The Hong Kong Customs and the Marine Police seized 373.5 kilograms of lobsters and a light goods vehicle during a joint operation against sea...
27 Oct 11
The company’s profit for the three months ended 30 September 2011 was less than US$95m.
18 Oct 11
He’s new role will take effect on November 2.
16 Sep 11
Freightliner’s UK network and overnight services allow OOCL to provide customers access to the UK hinterland.
8 Sep 11
The port of Hong Kong handled 6.4mn container units during the same period.
8 Sep 11
Imtech's marine division has signed a partnership agreement for 350 vessels operated by an international shipping firm  in Hong Kong....
8 Sep 11
 The Customs and Excise Department seized over $2.2 million worth of electronic goods during a mounted a joint operation in northeast...
26 Aug 11
The logistics company also announced promotions in its US operations.
24 Aug 11
Renegotiations over unpaid bills are said to be going well.
8 Aug 11
Accounts for 20% of total new orders of Chinese shipbuilders in 1H 2011 amid 42.5% slide in global new orders.
1 Aug 11
Hong Kong became among the six flag administrations added this year to the Qualship 21 programme.
21 Jul 11
The Orient Overseas (International) Ltd subsidiary suffered from difficult trading conditions in the first half of the year.
14 Jul 11
Armed guards and other measures will be put in place in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean.
2 Jul 11
The China Maritime Safety Administration and the Hong Kong Marine Department held a friendly meeting in Guangzhou on June 21 and 22 to forge...
23 Jun 11
Leverages experience and expertise in management and operation of its parent company’s assets while it appoints Liu Weiqing as chairman....
27 May 11
The company continues to pursue organic business growth and acquisition opportunities to further extend value chain.