Markets & Investing

20 Sep 19
The company markets AI imaging software in hospitals.
12 Sep 19
However, the proposal requires the London bourse to terminate its acquisition of Refinitiv.
4 Sep 19
The HSI volatility index has shot up slightly above the VIX index, which reflects the global environment.
3 Sep 19
About $3.7b are set to mature for the remainder of the year.
30 Aug 19
Total commercial real estate capital deployed to Singapore hit $10.96b.
26 Aug 19
The number of listings in Q1 fell short of last year’s record with only US$4.63b raised across 52 deals in May.
23 Aug 19
However, transactions fell 46% YoY to $47.06b.
20 Aug 19
Outbound M&A value was down as cross-border deals from Chinese buyers dried up.
16 Aug 19
Knee-jerk decisions during market volatility could hamper investors from achieving their goals.
9 Aug 19
MOUs include investments in energy, coffee trade, and mining projects.
6 Aug 19
The fintech startup helps its users save up to 3.5% on transaction fees and can even go as high as 5% in some cases.
6 Aug 19
PHASE Scientific's product portfolio has expanded to include major infectious diseases such as hepatitis and influenza.
6 Aug 19
The firm works by connecting various international laboratories, making use of its big databases, artificial intelligence and team.
17 Jul 19
The office sector continued to drive property investments, accounting for 53% of the total transaction volume.
12 Jul 19
Only US$12.3b was invested into these regions, the lowest activity level since 2014.
9 Jul 19
It could easily eclipse Uber’s $63.26b listing in New York.
3 Jul 19
PwC predicts 200 public offerings in 2019, including 170 on the HKEX’s mainboard.
14 Jun 19
If the share sale pushed through, the firm would have raised an estimated $9.12b.
7 Jun 19
The firm is estimated to clinch $9.12b through the offering.
7 Jun 19
Guangzhou accounted for 60% of transactions of over $113.39m.
3 Jun 19
The deal would value the company at US$6.2b.
29 May 19
Hong Kong’s short-term rates have tumbled since 2018 amidst tepid demand.
28 May 19
It is offering 435.8 million shares priced at $9.80 to $12.26 apiece.
28 May 19
The firm plans to file a listing application in H2 2019.
23 May 19
The last iBond index constituent will mature in June 2019.
22 May 19
Although it ranks high in tertiary education, the city’s R&D and patent generation investments fell short.
22 May 19
The float could mark the start of more active share sale activity after a sluggish start.
21 May 19
Buyers’ sentiment was hit by domestic monetary tightening and US-China trade tensions.
12 May 19
This year’s crop of hottest startups includes Hong Kong’s first virtual insurer; a firm aiming to revolutionise the renovation...
9 May 19
The drug discovery platform attracted retail orders for about 107 times the shares initially available.
9 May 19
The latest funding round puts the value of the company at around US$4b.
30 Apr 19
The steel logistics firm no longer meets the criteria for inclusion after it was classified as an ST Stock.
24 Apr 19
Its open approach to the Internet and entrepreneurship makes it an asset for the Chinese ecosystem.
16 Apr 19
It will be removed after market close on 17 April.
10 Apr 19
The Hang Seng Index climbed 17% whilst the bourse's market cap hit US$5.78t.
10 Apr 19
Deadline for submissions is on 12 July 2019.
1 Apr 19
Chinese corporates' onshore funding costs are forecasted to fall further.
1 Apr 19
It will sort stocks into 12 industries, 31 sectors, and 94 subsectors to reflect developments in Hong Kong and Chinese markets.
26 Mar 19
The industrials sector received the highest number of IPOs with seven deals with a total of US$263m.