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26 Jul 17
It's the global debut of a totally new grand complication.
20 Jul 17
The overall Comprehensive Social Security Assistance caseload dropped to 235,663 in June, down 0.3% on May, the Social Welfare Department...
18 Jul 17
The newest tax deal that was signed was with New Zealand.
18 Jul 17
Demand for public hospital services will be on peak this summer.
10 Jul 17
Recognised operators from both places can enjoy reciprocal benefits.
29 Jun 17
It's to exchange information on intellectual property laws and protection, publicity and education.
21 Jun 17
Four on Hong Kong Island, five in Kowloon and six in the New Territories.
19 Jun 17
The move brings the number of Hong Kong's tax data exchange partners to 13.
16 Jun 17
It also unveiled a new logo.
13 Jun 17
It is in partner with Cinda Hong Kong and NCB.
9 Jun 17
Prof Cheung signed the deal with Israeli Minister of Transport & Road Safety Israel Katz.
9 Jun 17
Hong Kong now has 12 tax data exchange partners.
31 May 17
What must governments do to brace themselves from the impact?
29 May 17
Messy parking sparked calls and complaints against the service.
27 May 17
It will be held from November 16-19.
23 May 17
The fees and charges for private patients will also be revised.
16 May 17
ASEAN is Hong Kong's second-largest trading partner.
9 May 17
Content can be accessed anywhere in the world.
28 Apr 17
This is for the academic year 2018-19.
28 Apr 17
Thanks to the decline of international prices.
27 Apr 17
Hong Kong banks must provide information on the credit-checking processes regarding the said loan.
25 Apr 17
It's oversubscribed by six times.
21 Apr 17
The Office of the Commissioner of Insurance will be dissolved on the same day.
19 Apr 17
Several units are priced 5% lower than the previous ones launched.
19 Apr 17
It also suggests reviewing the Stock Exchange's naming conventions.
18 Apr 17
It is an important landmark in cementing its position as a global port.
18 Apr 17
Sales declined 27% compared to last year's Easter Holiday.
17 Apr 17
That is, if the $10b scheme gains traction.
12 Apr 17
There will be free medical consultancy for customers every Wednesday.
10 Apr 17
Legal arrangements for co-location are still being discussed.
6 Apr 17
Hong Kong now has 11 automatic exchange partners in financial account information.
6 Apr 17
Landfill charges will rise to $200 per tonne starting April 7.
5 Apr 17
It will boost cooperation in wine trading and investment promotion.
5 Apr 17
It's an oval-shaped 59.6 carat stone.
27 Mar 17
The service was originally launched as a four-times-weekly service.
17 Mar 17
Hong Kong is planning to allow additional 600 taxis to charge 50% more.
17 Mar 17
Alinta abandoned plans to list on the ASX for $4b.
14 Mar 17
For advising a Chinese seafood supplier on its IPO.
14 Mar 17
Individuals who lost money on at least 15 uncompleted UK developments have complained.
13 Mar 17
New World Development will put on sale 99 flats.