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12 Mar 18
It recognises the airport’s ability to transport fragile pharmaceuticals by air.
9 Mar 18
The MOU was signed by Permanent Secretary for Development Hon Chi-Keung.
7 Mar 18
Lei Shing Hong reportedly plans to list in the second half of the year.
7 Mar 18
It will build a 390-metre-long tunnel in Yau Ma Tei to ease traffic congestion in the area.
28 Feb 18
It lays out a bilateral mechanism for companies entering one another’s markets.
26 Feb 18
Of that figure, 9 were for apartment and commercial developments.
22 Feb 18
Laura Cha sits as a non-executive director at HSBC.
20 Feb 18
The massive waste problem must be resolved to realise its Smart City vision.
16 Feb 18
This is equivalent to $131.24b.
16 Feb 18
This includes a six-month trading fee waiver.
15 Feb 18
It soared from $83.5m.
15 Feb 18
The number of complaints lodged at the council more than doubled in 2017.
14 Feb 18
It aims to give market participants in the HSI and HSCEI more investment choices.
14 Feb 18
However, they can only stay for up to two weeks.
13 Feb 18
The project aims to digitalise trade between the two cities.
13 Feb 18
The area for redevelopment covers about 104 hectares.
12 Feb 18
The area for land development covers approximately 525 hectares.
12 Feb 18
Commuters can save up to 20% in transport fees.
9 Feb 18
The invitation will commence on February 15 and close on April 6.
8 Feb 18
Over 96% of exchange participants who trade their equity index futures after-hours do it between 11:45pm to 1 am.
8 Feb 18
The Swiss-listed chipmaker saw its profits balloon after it supplied the optical sensors for Apple’s iPhone X.
5 Feb 18
The influx of tourists from the Mainland contributed significantly to the year-end figures.
2 Feb 18
The total consideration reached $68.5b.
2 Feb 18
It aims to assist businesses seeking capital and overseas expansion in each other's markets.
2 Feb 18
Passengers traveling by air can take sea or land transport using the same air ticket.
1 Feb 18
The facilities upgrade aims to boost Hong Kong as a leading regional port hub.
1 Feb 18
The move is in line with the authority’s push towards an era of Smart Banking.
31 Jan 18
It has air vents, LED intelligent light system and panoramic sliding sunroof.
30 Jan 18
A public education campaign was jointly launched by the FSTB and IEC.
29 Jan 18
Shares of A-Living Services Co Ltd will be priced at $10.80 to $14.20 apiece.
25 Jan 18
A total of three MoUs were signed to boost financial cooperation between the two economies.
25 Jan 18
The 50-year land grant was awarded to Clever Like Limited.
24 Jan 18
Total export volume to India and Japan posted the most significant increase.
23 Jan 18
New buildings were valued at $1.4b in November.
23 Jan 18
It joins airlines from Malaysian, Indonesian and Brunei airlines as shareholders.
22 Jan 18
Passenger traffic to and from the Mainland and Japan recorded the most significant growth.
19 Jan 18
Thanks to a revival in mainland tourist arrivals, retail sales post its strongest growth in two years.
18 Jan 18
Monthly home sales fell 6.3% MoM.
17 Jan 18
It was awarded to Wharf subsidiary Alpha Pioneer.
16 Jan 18
More than 2,900 government officials from around the world will be in attendance.