Financial Services

29 May 17
The HKMA raised risk-weighted floor to 25% for new residential loans.
26 May 17
They include widening the marginal salary tax bands to $45,000.
23 May 17
Only around 20% of borrowers have pre-existing mortgages.
12 May 17
Hong Kong's foreign exchange reserves allows the central bank to maintain the peg.
28 Apr 17
Most people are not preparing for the future as they don't regard themselves as "old".
27 Apr 17
Hong Kong banks must provide information on the credit-checking processes regarding the said loan.
27 Apr 17
Expect further weakness ahead for the currency.
25 Apr 17
Three new senior leaders have also been announced.
21 Apr 17
The Office of the Commissioner of Insurance will be dissolved on the same day.
19 Apr 17
It also suggests reviewing the Stock Exchange's naming conventions.
12 Apr 17
There will be free medical consultancy for customers every Wednesday.
7 Apr 17
They'd rather do this than "radically re-invent".
6 Apr 17
Hong Kong now has 11 automatic exchange partners in financial account information.
31 Mar 17
Participants include BOCHK, BEA, Hang Seng, HSBC, and StanChart.
31 Mar 17
Strong expansion in credit activity is unlikely to be sustained.
30 Mar 17
Faster outlflows to Hong Kong is expected as clampdown fears escalate.
16 Mar 17
But first, a $1.2b share buy-in must be approved for it to be a member.
16 Mar 17
This is amidst the growth of Chiense mainland banks.
14 Mar 17
For advising a Chinese seafood supplier on its IPO.
13 Mar 17
One of his first major tasks is to find a CEO to succeed Stuart Gulliver.
9 Mar 17
Visitors can enjoy 30 minutes of free Wi-Fi.
8 Mar 17
2 in 5 are unsure about the benefits of paying above the minimum balance.
7 Mar 17
But the strength was not homogenous throughout.
6 Mar 17
It is facing challenges from regional competitors.
1 Mar 17
Loans financing primary market transactions slump 16.9%.
27 Feb 17
Plan a bright future for your loved ones by taking advantage of it.
24 Feb 17
And operating profit is down 12% to HK$9,516m.
14 Feb 17
An analyst gives 3 reasons behind this assessment.
10 Feb 17
Hong Kong's yuan banking business is thriving.
9 Feb 17
Mortgage loans of Hong Kong banks only totalled US$144b in 2016.
7 Feb 17
They also call for tax deductions for companies hiring young people.
7 Feb 17
Insurers are the biggest gainers in the Hang Seng China index.
6 Feb 17
The number of ATM cash withdrawals worldwide increased 10%.
3 Feb 17
HKD assets were up $12.5b.