Financial Services

11 Oct 17
But the number of IPOs increased 52% to 114.
27 Sep 17
52% of CFOs say blockchain improved their businesses.
22 Sep 17
Want to gift money, at little to no cost, to someone overseas for their birthday?
21 Sep 17
The 16-year annualised return on all MPF funds is just 2.8%.
20 Sep 17
Qupital plans to expand in Taiwan and Southeast Asia.
20 Sep 17
It was caused by a slight decline in the banks' weighted funding cost.
19 Sep 17
It's the first major fintech listing in Hong Kong.
6 Sep 17
The government is implementing a revised bank resolution regime.
4 Sep 17
Regulators have been in talks with the ASIFMA over the past five months.
1 Sep 17
Overall foreign-currency deposits rose 0.2%.
30 Aug 17
But potential funding volatility will come from changes in banks' loan and deposit currency mix.
29 Aug 17
Hong Kong’s connection with the mainland may be its best asset yet.
23 Aug 17
The prevalence of high-LTV second mortgages increases default risks for homebuyers.
22 Aug 17
That is following a period of steady decline starting in 2014.
22 Aug 17
It shall be announced in the October policy address.
16 Aug 17
That is in response to the move towards more stringent regulatory requirements.
11 Aug 17
This is to keep pace with rising health care costs while growing wealth.
9 Aug 17
Fee income will improve in the next 12-18 months.
7 Aug 17
The fintech firm’s outstanding project for a Japanese client was recognised.
2 Aug 17
The banks' asset quality is expected to be resilient.
2 Aug 17
Expect a further increase in corporate and household indebtedness.
1 Aug 17
Rising private sector debt is one key risk.
19 Jul 17
Rising interest rates are to blame.
18 Jul 17
The newest tax deal that was signed was with New Zealand.
17 Jul 17
The Monetary Authority said the assets increased by $50b.
5 Jul 17
Direct lending by banks to developers increased 23.6% in March.
3 Jul 17
This is the lowest level since 2012.
30 Jun 17
But risk and regulation will remain a key focus.
29 Jun 17
But credit growth will still slow over the next quarters.
28 Jun 17
It will raise an estimated $53.8b, a 77% jump versus last year.
27 Jun 17
HKMA cited 'a number of practical implementation questions'.
19 Jun 17
Expats are leaving Hong Kong as Western banks axe jobs.
13 Jun 17
It is in partner with Cinda Hong Kong and NCB.
9 Jun 17
Hong Kong now has 12 tax data exchange partners.
2 Jun 17
But impact is expected to be manageable.
1 Jun 17
Overall foreign-currency deposits increased 0.7%.
29 May 17
The HKMA raised risk-weighted floor to 25% for new residential loans.
26 May 17
They include widening the marginal salary tax bands to $45,000.
23 May 17
Only around 20% of borrowers have pre-existing mortgages.
12 May 17
Hong Kong's foreign exchange reserves allows the central bank to maintain the peg.