Hong Kong Investments

Hotel investments in HK swells 70.5% in H122

The market reported $3.9b (US$504m) total sales volume.

89% of local investors want to invest in new assets

Most of them are interested in private equity.

Hong Kong hotel market most sought-after by investors: CBRE 

Investors are converting hotel assets into co-living spaces.

InvestHK's business environment report sets record straight vs biased news: Phillips

Biased media reports yielded to international investors' misconceptions, he said.

HK, SG investors more cautious amidst COVID

About 62% and 69% of Hong Kongers and Singaporeans, respectively, are now investing responsively.

Could Hong Kong investors’ optimism be dangerous?

Schroders reported that investment returns are expected to average 11% annually.

SFC sounds alarm over unauthorised investment schemes

Offering unauthorised investment schemes are considered an offence in Hong Kong.

How can Hong Kong investors approach sustainability?

A survey found 67% of investors are driven by the higher potential return of sustainability.

Fund managers to count climate risks in investment schemes: SFC

The SFC has concluded talks on climate-related risks in funds.

SFC vets 120 listing applications in Q2

This comes as the commission imposes stricter review on applications.

HKEX sees record 26% profit growth to $6.61m in H1

This is thanks to the buoyant IPO market and strong trading volumes amongst others.

‘More aggressive’ Hong Kong investors expect a return of 11.4%

This is a new high, according to Schroders Global Investor Study.

SFC warns against Binance trading

The watchdog said no entity under the Binance Group is licenced in Hong Kong.