25 Mar 21
How this fintech startup offers digital solutions with a human touch.
26 Feb 21
How the insurtech startup helps insurers part ways with legacy technology.
28 Jun 20
FDT is behind Asia’s first ​Rapid Settlement and Clearing Network (RSCN).
16 Jun 20
Omnichat is a messaging platform and can also monitor ecommerce movements.
7 Jun 20
Spidfier offers a solution that could shorten the process of verifying fishes at a cheaper rate.
31 May 20
The total value of startup deals hit $9.84b, a 39% YoY drop compared to last year.
22 Jan 20
The startup offers eight programmes, which include courses on 3D transformation and apparel costing.
14 Jan 20
The advertising startup allows their users to earn cash rewards when watching ads on their platform.
8 Jan 20
The platform uses a neural network in scanning CVs.
25 Mar 19
It offers a one-stop shop including a physical outlet stocked with tools and an online marketplace.
25 Mar 19
The startup digitises real-world assets.
25 Mar 19
The startup aims to make money management across markets easy and accessible.
9 Jan 19
It also unveiled its physical store in Lansing House following a positive online response.
9 Jan 19
It is also launching a utility token called SLOT for in-game purchases.
9 Jan 19
Funding proceeds will be used to launch its Ztore App.
18 Jul 18
It plays matchmaker to couples looking for wedding venues and vendors across Asia.
4 Apr 18
Users can better manage finances through real-time correspondence with the virtual assistant.
2 Apr 18
Items from camping tents to sophisticated gadgets are rented out for $150 a day.
21 Dec 17
They are looking to extend services beyond the Greater China region.
20 Dec 17
The fund will be used to develop its proprietary technology and further expand its team.
22 Sep 17
It has created more than 6,000 listings, and they aim to launch a series A round of funding next year.
20 Sep 17
Qupital plans to expand in Taiwan and Southeast Asia.
20 Sep 17
The e-learning and virtual tutorial platform is now a haven to more than 350,000 Asian students.
2 Aug 17
Here’s why this AI driven customer service platform is better than chatbots.
1 Aug 17
This start up helps consumers to lock in competitive FX rates for their purchases abroad.
13 Jul 17
It aims to provide efficient business-ready travel service based on corporate travel policies.
20 Jun 17
Eatigo’s total funding closed at USD 15.5M after Series B.
19 May 17
Storefront is a short-term retail space rental marketplace.
12 May 17
Around 1,000 smart bicycles are currently available in the New Territories area.
26 Apr 17
Investment is already at US$7m.
24 Apr 17
Especially as a means to build a presence in China.
19 Apr 17
The app provides housekeeping, nannying and elderly care services.
22 Mar 17
It aims to improve the chances of reuniting with missing pets.
20 Mar 17
Its Ampd Silo is innovative, safe, and highly reliable.
3 Mar 17
Wellness apps and wearables dominate.
2 Mar 17
Design watches you’d be proud to wear.
15 Dec 16
Origami Lab's smart wireless wearable voice assisting ring uses bone conduction technology.
14 Dec 16
The cup tracks water and coffee intake using sensor and data collection technology.