Hong Kong eyes late 2024 to early 2025 for LNG bunkering

Transport Minister Lam Sai-hung noted, however, that supply remains a challenge.
1 day ago

Hong Kong eyes late 2024 to early 2025 for LNG bunkering

Transport Minister Lam Sai-hung noted, however, that supply remains a challenge.
1 day ago

Hong Kong draws on Singapore for modern, green port development

Smart logistics is an area of collaboration Hong Kong intends to push with Singapore.
1 day ago

HK scraps MPF Offsetting Scheme to enhance employee protection

Starting 2025, employers are no longer allowed to offset long service and severance payments from its Mandatory Provident Fund contributions.

Loyalty- and tech-driven strategies key to effective returns management

Experts vouch for third-party services to leverage the potential of return policies.

Hong Kong’s top 50 insurers experience 7.7% YoY premium contraction in 2022

Analysts said the market’s complex financial environment and shrinking population curtailed industry growth. Cross-border expansion could alleviate...

Hong Kong’s most influential lawyers under 40

Four women and six men made it to the final list.

5 measures investors and businesses must be aware of in 2024

One of the measures will exempt onshore disposal gains from profits tax.

Hong Kong legal seas brace for influx of maritime lawyers

Hill Dickinson is amongst the firms that have recently begun expanding its global maritime practices.

Endowus enters Hong Kong, challenging commission biases in financial advisory

The digital wealth advisor offers a 100% rebate on all trailer commissions.

Hong Kong needs to act to keep its global maritime hub status afloat

As of 2023, Hong Kong maintains a 2.4% share of the world fleet in terms of vessel numbers.

Sustainable fuels not a silver bullet for shipping decarbonisation – experts

The shipping industry can only achieve a 2.8% emission reduction, even if it uses 54% of the world’s renewable energy.

HK hikes penalties for occupational safety and health standards violations

If convicted on indictment, employers can be slapped with a $10m (US$1.28m) fine and 2 years in jail.

Mainland’s clampdown on IPOs likely to boost listings in Hong Kong

Amongst Chinese companies to be slated in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange is Alibaba’s logistics arm.

Lodes flips the switch at new Hong Kong office to turn on creative minds

With the vision of growing business and diversifying its influence, Lodes sets forth to bring Italian artistry into the Asia-Pacific region.

HKEX cuts paper use, document requirements in revamped listing regime

Despite eliminating signatures, the streamlined listing process imposes new legal advice requirements for accountability and integrity in submissions...

‘Emotional loyalty,’ the new way retailers retain customers

In Hong Kong, one in two consumers buy only from brands they trust so keeping that relationship exciting pays off.

Manulife Singapore targets rapidly growing high-net-worth market

New data suggests young beats old in appetite for investments.