Restaurant Watch

19 Jul 16
Customers are allowed to create their own sandwich.
1 Apr 16
Their new paired menu is not to be missed too.
16 Jan 15
Its interior boasts of an East meets West ambience with a modern twist.
3 Nov 14
The new outlet features a bold graffiti mural by the founder’s long-time pal.
20 Oct 14
More international brands made their way into Hong Kong’s F&B industry.
10 Oct 14
Experience an actual blind date at the Alchemy in the Dark.
23 Sep 14
And, get to know the three-Michelin-starred Chef behind its creation.
5 Sep 14
Warm your belly with these top picks.
27 Aug 14
Its flagship store in HK comes with two new gourmet restaurants.
5 Aug 14
Have you tried eating pancake with a cocktail?