Office Watch

25 Mar 19
A pristine view of Victoria Harbour can be viewed at its top floor.
4 Oct 18
It features a spectacular view of Victoria Harbour.
18 Jul 18
The eXellerator houses a usability testing lab to try out emerging technologies.
4 Apr 18
Their Bonham Strand and New Steet hubs combine the best of hospitality and design.
9 Jan 18
Check out this swanky co-working space in the heart of Hong Kong’s business district.
5 Oct 17
They transformed the new office into a home-like workspace.
30 Mar 17
Members become part of a collaborative community.
28 Feb 17
It has office spaces in Sheung Wan and Causeway Bay.
7 Feb 17
Its space is more than just desks and chairs.
29 Dec 16
It's conducive to collaboration -- and boasts a nice view.
12 Dec 16
The new office space has showers for those who bike to work.