Residential Property

18 Dec 17
It will be converted into a private residential development.
14 Dec 17
This was 7.9% less than the SARS outbreak which shocked the housing market in 2003.
13 Dec 17
The outlook for the property sector remains muted as indicators declined in Q3.
11 Dec 17
It will be developed into private residential units.
6 Dec 17
The government will provide more land supply despite meeting housing target.
5 Dec 17
There were a recorded 7,601 sale and purchase agreements last month.
5 Dec 17
However, new residential launches were still warmly received.
4 Dec 17
The IMF described Hong Kong’s property market as booming and overvalued.
4 Dec 17
Most of the new housing supply will be built on New Territories.
1 Dec 17
It will be aimed at public rental housing tenants.
1 Dec 17
However, mortgage applications and approved loans fell.
1 Dec 17
Prices also went down 7.5% MoM.
28 Nov 17
Hong Kong’s property bubble is unlikely to burst anytime soon.
27 Nov 17
However, it is unlikely to cool down the heated housing market.
24 Nov 17
Media and tech are the big new tenants.
23 Nov 17
However, overall home sales dropped 6% MoM.
23 Nov 17
Developers have been turning to farmland conversions.
22 Nov 17
Mount Nicholson apartment fetches HK$132,000 per square foot.
22 Nov 17
Development sites remain the most favoured sector in Q3.
10 Nov 17
Bloomberg says rising interbank rates are paving the way for prime rate hikes.
8 Nov 17
Real estate investment grows to US$3.1b in Q3.
8 Nov 17
Thanks to stable residential sales and commercial rents.
27 Oct 17
First-time buyers might still prefer them over Starter Homes Scheme.
17 Oct 17
The government wants to offer 1,000 starter-home units through a private-public partnership.
11 Oct 17
Capital appreciation potential will be higher for luxury flats.
21 Sep 17
It has ~926,000 sq ft of farmland in Kwu Tung North and Fanling North that could be converted.
20 Sep 17
But price increases are already decelerating.
19 Sep 17
The group hit sales of $44b in FY17, exceeding its $33b target.
5 Sep 17
There were 6,130 sale and purchase agreements for all building units.
5 Sep 17
There are at least six current and pending co-living developments in Hong Kong.
1 Sep 17
The clearance will yield a total of 4,000 housing units.
1 Sep 17
The group will seek the public's views on boosting land supply.
1 Sep 17
The number of mortgage applications decreased 38% to 9,090.
24 Aug 17
Pre-tax profit contribution from property sales hit $3.2b.
21 Aug 17
The additional supply will not drag down home prices.
21 Aug 17
Could it be because of the 14.8% home price surge?
18 Aug 17
Thanks to robust private consumption and investment.
16 Aug 17
The market could see prices continue the uptrend.