Markets & Investing

15 Jan 18
It facilitates the dual listing of Israeli companies in SGX and HKEX.
12 Jan 18
However, deal sizes may shrink as investors opt for minority stakes and joint ventures.
18 Dec 17
Pre-profit biotech companies are amongst those who will benefit from the expansion.
11 Dec 17
Total proceeds are forecasted at $130b, its lowest since 2012.
8 Dec 17
An original grant patent system is in the pipeline to support novel IT ideas.
4 Dec 17
It plans to identify orders at the client level for market monitoring purposes.
30 Nov 17
It will be its first overseas office.
29 Nov 17
They also prefer to invest rather than save.
29 Nov 17
They invest more compared to their Europeans and American counterparts.
15 Nov 17
It scored 9.1 out of 10 in terms of transaction attractiveness.
14 Nov 17
But this is still lower than the global average of 58%.
13 Nov 17
Hong Kong launched futures for the commodity, competing with Singapore's offering.
13 Nov 17
The increase in operating expenses was offset by IT cost savings.
13 Nov 17
They expect to make an average annual return of 9%.
9 Nov 17
The combined funding value hit $3.03b across 34 deals so far.
8 Nov 17
Investors will acquire a 14.11% stake in Hengda Real Estate.
7 Nov 17
Deal failure rate between 1992 and 2016 hit 8.6%.
18 Oct 17
Prenetics is raising money to use on digital health infrastructure.
13 Oct 17
R&D firms can have as much as a 300% tax deduction.
11 Oct 17
It will allow regulators to see who's trading listed stocks.
11 Oct 17
Only 9% read important financial documents during research.
4 Sep 17
This is almost 70% of all cross-border investments in the city.
18 Aug 17
They recently launched its second edition in the market.
15 Aug 17
Net investment income also increased 190%.
9 Aug 17
It is staying competitive against regional rivals.
2 Aug 17
Here’s why this AI driven customer service platform is better than chatbots.
1 Aug 17
This start up helps consumers to lock in competitive FX rates for their purchases abroad.
28 Jul 17
It is a co-working space within a luxury hotel.
10 Jul 17
There were 80,533 newly registered firms.
5 Jul 17
Tencent and Galaxy Entertainment were amongst the biggest decliners.
20 Jun 17
Eatigo’s total funding closed at USD 15.5M after Series B.
19 Jun 17
HKEX proposes allowing dual-class shares, pre-profit listings.
19 Jun 17
Singapore rivals are three times more engaged in digital marketing.
12 May 17
Around 1,000 smart bicycles are currently available in the New Territories area.
8 May 17
It is set to launch a mainland commodity trading platform.
26 Apr 17
Investment is already at US$7m.
25 Apr 17
Asia Pacific's turnover went up 6.2%.
24 Apr 17
Especially as a means to build a presence in China.
21 Apr 17
SME confidence has finally recovered.