Markets & Investing

10 Jul 17
There were 80,533 newly registered firms.
5 Jul 17
Tencent and Galaxy Entertainment were amongst the biggest decliners.
20 Jun 17
Eatigo’s total funding closed at USD 15.5M after Series B.
19 Jun 17
HKEX proposes allowing dual-class shares, pre-profit listings.
19 Jun 17
Singapore rivals are three times more engaged in digital marketing.
12 May 17
Around 1,000 smart bicycles are currently available in the New Territories area.
8 May 17
It is set to launch a mainland commodity trading platform.
26 Apr 17
Investment is already at US$7m.
25 Apr 17
Asia Pacific's turnover went up 6.2%.
24 Apr 17
Especially as a means to build a presence in China.
21 Apr 17
SME confidence has finally recovered.
19 Apr 17
The app provides housekeeping, nannying and elderly care services.
18 Apr 17
The broadcaster is doing what it can to stay afloat.
10 Apr 17
Improved macro-economic outlook will help narrow the gap.
5 Apr 17
This is just for the year's first quarter.
3 Apr 17
The project is set to contribute $57b every year.
29 Mar 17
This is compared to just 23% in 2016.
27 Mar 17
Huishan Dairy Holdings Co.'s dropped 85% on Friday.
22 Mar 17
It aims to improve the chances of reuniting with missing pets.
21 Mar 17
Imagine merging everything in your wallet into an app.
16 Mar 17
It ranked 28th worldwide.
9 Mar 17
The company’s initiatives benefit the environment as well.
3 Mar 17
Wellness apps and wearables dominate.
2 Mar 17
Design watches you’d be proud to wear.
17 Feb 17
The USD/CNH options will be the first currency options traded at HKEX.
17 Feb 17
Dual-class shares are selling like hot cakes.
10 Feb 17
Average daily inflows through HK exchange links swelled to the highest.
2 Feb 17
Hang Seng index dropped 0.2%.
26 Jan 17
Cost of puts versus calls is the cheapest among Asian markets.
16 Jan 17
Mainland investors will turn to buying Hong Kong stocks through cross-border exchange links.
9 Jan 17
Are you a startup founded in Hong Kong during these years: 2015, 2016, or this 2017?
20 Dec 16
It could raise about $194.7b from 120 IPOs by end of December 2016.
19 Dec 16
The benchmark Hang Seng index fell 0.9 percent.
15 Dec 16
Origami Lab's smart wireless wearable voice assisting ring uses bone conduction technology.
14 Dec 16
The cup tracks water and coffee intake using sensor and data collection technology.
13 Dec 16
This is despite growing pressure in bottom line.
13 Dec 16
With clim8’s intelligent garment, wearers achieve regulated body temperatures whilst doing whatever activity in any weather condition.
9 Dec 16
SFC will also probe anti-money laundering breaches at brokerages.