Information Technology, Professional Services/Legal
9 Oct 14
Altitude Labs will make your ideas happen – Silicon Valley-style.
29 Sep 14
The company cuts 50% of its electricity consumption every month through LED lighting.
Food & Beverage
23 Sep 14
And, get to know the three-Michelin-starred Chef behind its creation.
Information Technology
11 Sep 14
A former internationally ranked junior tennis player founded this company.
Food & Beverage
5 Sep 14
Warm your belly with these top picks.
Information Technology
3 Sep 14
Do you want to make sure that the person you are sharing the lift with is a neighbor and not a stranger?
Food & Beverage
27 Aug 14
Its flagship store in HK comes with two new gourmet restaurants.
Information Technology, Leisure & Entertainment
26 Aug 14
It’s a popular project which collected over US$2m from 26,457 backers during its 34-day crowdfunding campaign.
Financial Services
14 Aug 14
Indulge your bank transactions with warm and comfortable space to enjoy and relax.
Information Technology
14 Aug 14
It aims to help companies to gain more sales leads and more customers.
Food & Beverage
5 Aug 14
Have you tried eating pancake with a cocktail?
Information Technology
1 Aug 14
Will this self-funded startup be the leading online provider of customized products?
Information Technology, Leisure & Entertainment
28 Jul 14
See how the staff named the meeting rooms and spaces in colloquial terms.
Financial Services
24 Jul 14
It’s all about exclusivity.
Information Technology, Leisure & Entertainment
24 Jul 14
This technology startup has raised over USD100K.
Information Technology, Markets & Investing
17 Jul 14
Japan’s OnLab / Digital Garage believed so much on this that it provided $150,000 funding.
HR & Education
9 Jul 14
The cheapest is at HKD61,600.
Information Technology
7 Jul 14
It helps businesses to design user experience integrating the online and offline worlds.
Information Technology, Media & Marketing
30 Jun 14
You’d be asking hundreds of people just to like your page no more.
Financial Services, Information Technology
23 Jun 14
The startup raised $3m funding in just one year.
Financial Services, Information Technology
16 Jun 14
That’s at almost zero transaction fee.
Information Technology
6 Jun 14
It has over 27,000 patents to date.
Information Technology
29 May 14
It helps you find the best flights and lowest fares.
Hotels & Tourism
26 May 14
Guess which tops the list at HKD158,000 a night.
Markets & Investing
13 May 14
It plans to be the go-to site for future brides.
Financial Services
6 Mar 14
Appointed last August 2013, Wim Hekstra is responsible for growing the Sun Life Hong Kong business, which includes both an individual life and...
Commercial Property, Residential Property
18 Feb 14
Hover, click, and rent.
14 Jan 14
Chinese airlines dominated the list.
Telecom & Internet
13 Jan 14
The remedy of a private cloud attack is around $9 million, studies show.
Financial Services
20 Dec 13
Are better days finally coming?
29 Nov 13
A bad experience led to a brilliant idea.
23 Sep 13
Capacity utilisation predicted to deteriorate to 73%.
Telecom & Internet
4 Sep 13
Check out some leaked photos of rumored new iPhones.
Co-Written / Partner
21 Aug 13
Find out which stocks reign supreme.
Energy & Offshore
15 Aug 13
Inspired by Eastern and Western mix.
Financial Services
8 Aug 13
Get a glimpse of what makes them stand out.
Information Technology
21 Feb 13
 Worse, unknown attacks now surpassed known attacks.
25 Jan 13
Hong Kong's ranking in 1988 was 29 notches higher than Singapore.
Media & Marketing
17 Jan 13
Find out who the winning companies are.