How Sound Concepts remains a leading force in the AV industry

Despite the competitive nature of the audio-video industry in Hong Kong and even in mainland China, Sound Concepts continues to be successful, remaining on top of the competition ahead of its rivals and new upstarts in the industry.

How Sound Concepts remains a leading force in the AV industry

Despite the competitive nature of the audio-video industry in Hong Kong and even in mainland China, Sound Concepts continues to be successful, remaining on top of the competition ahead of its rivals and new upstarts in the industry.

Utilising the staff's strength is the key to Rhombus' success

With its nurturing approach to management, Rhombus International Hotels Group once again takes home the accolade for Best Hospitality & Hotel Management. Smoothly running a hotel takes much more than great management; having a leader who recognises the importance of teamwork is the key to success. With properties around the world, the Rhombus Group’s chain of hotels is a well-oiled machine that delivers everything from a great place to stay during your vacation to impeccable service.

OZO Wesley: Combining convenience and comfort

A great holiday can be few and far between for those who lead a hectic work life. Being able to spare a few days between your busy workweeks to travel and experience a new city, or simply to stay home and recharge, is a rare treat.

Mercedes-Benz stands out as the epitome of luxury automobile

Like the fact that over 1.56M customers took delivery of a Mercedes-Benz car around the globe in 2013, many car hunters in Hong Kong seem to find the lure of Mercedes-Benz irresistible. The Stuttgart-based manufacturer shipped 6,095 units of passenger cars to customers in the SARs of Hong Kong and Macau in the same year, representing an increase of 16.8 percent compared to the year before. The year 2013 was a record sales year for the brand, noted President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong Andreas Binder.

A healthy body brought by MENCE

Taking home the award for Best Men’s Anti-Aging and Weight Management, MENCE is about much more than helping clients achieve their desired body shape. Instead, it’s about getting to the root of the cause and building a great, healthy body from the inside out.

MassMutual Asia leads the way in insurance innovation

Besides being a well-known financial hub, Hong Kong is also where the world’s top insurance companies set up shop as a gateway to the rest of Asia.

Boutique retreat: How to stand out as a great design hotel

As one of Hong Kong’s first boutique hotels, Lan Kwai Fong Hotel @ Kau U Fong is not only leading the industry, but constantly reinventing itself, setting new standards for what it means to be a great design hotel with its attention to detail and passion for inspiring travellers.

Experience ultimate indulgence in Hong Kong's best luxury hotel

Bringing a sense of ease and comfort to the travel experience is what InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong is all about. The definition of luxury changes depending on where you are; in a city like Hong Kong, luxury has become a part of everyday life, so much so that many of us have become difficult to impress.

Hyperlink opens the gateway for investments in Hong Kong

As I sit on the star ferry and take in the harbour light show, I am mesmerised by this beauty of this city. Watching the multi-coloured lights flash overhead from Hong Kong island across the waters to Tsim Sha Tsui, it is little wonder that there are so many stories of people who came to Hong Kong for a few weeks but who then decide to stay for 20 years, as there is a real sense here, that anything is impossible and the famous 'can-do' attitude of the Hong Kong people has expats falling in love with this seeming mecca of reinvention.

HSBC: Safeguarding customer wealth across various life stages

When Hong Kongers were recently prodded on what financial concerns kept them awake at night, their answers largely reflected their age group: Younger workers fuss about earning enough for mortgage payments and parental care expenses, mothers and fathers wonder how to save for their children’s tuition fees and older professionals worry about their retirement and medical expenses.

Satisfying Asia's demand for world class management

Earlier in his career, Paul Mais, was being considered for promotion but later discovered the candidate who had gotten that promotion was an MBA holder. Will not having an MBA directly impact one’s career in Asia? Paul thought. Resolving to improve his career prospects by obtaining an MBA, Paul carefully researched and then selected Henley-the world class Business School in Hong Kong.

Welcoming the Chinese New Year with elegance

This coming Chinese New Year represents the Year of the Goat, a revered icon representing the hope for future success. Many believe that welcoming the Chinese New Year with festivity and elegance enables one to welcome with open arms the prosperity of the New Year. And there is no better way to welcome the hope that the Year of the Goat brings than to surprise your loved ones, colleagues, and friends with an elegant and luxurious, yet modest and well-meaning gift.

Fujitsu pioneers human-centric innovation

Fujitsu is flying high, but they most certainly do not have their head in the clouds, it is more the case that their innovations are helping their clients find their cloud’s silver lining.

Crystallize.Me shines as the crystal expert in China and Hong Kong

In Hong Kong and China, there is no other name best known for bringing exquisite pieces but Crystallize.Me. For over 40 years now, Crystallize.Me has proven its ability not only to provide top-notch crystal products, but also to innovate and re-invent itself to cope with the evolving customers and market conditions.

The Cityview furthers its efforts to pursue green lodging

Corporate responsibility is nothing new. But to fully commit to a cause year after year is no small feat. For the fourth year in a row, The Cityview is taking home The Best Green City Hotel accolade. Looking at the hotel’s eco-evolution over the past few years, it’s easy to understand why few hotels in the city can compete in this arena.

CDNIS remains committed to its excellent standards

Known in Hong Kong and across Asia for its outstanding educational achievements, excellent facilities and array of extra curricular activities, Canadian International School of Hong Kong nurtures and motivates students to realize their full potential. CDNIS has been recognized as a pioneering institution for over two decades as it continuously pushes boundaries, ensuring its students are prepared for a well-balanced life upon graduation.

The industry pioneer that sees opportunities in challenges

It has never been easy to survive in the ever-growing competitive financial planning industry while the authority calls for more control over the business practices. The more stringent compliance requirements not only safeguard clients’ interests, but also serve as a screening to eliminate the unqualified consultants in the industry. While most practitioners are to a certain degree turned off by the new requirements which make closing business more difficult, Altruist Financial Group Limited (Altruist) still stands tall facing the challenges. “To us, these are not challenges but opportunities,” says Albert Lam, President of Altruist.