27 Nov 12
Net profit margins up 8.1%.
27 Nov 12
Net gains may surge 19%.
21 Nov 12
But revenue fell 2% to HKD7.2b.
21 Nov 12
Awards focus to remain on energy efficiency and combating pollution.
7 Nov 12
Hong Kong's private sector recovers somewhat.
29 Oct 12
Learn why its HK listing is credit positive for Fosun International.
24 Oct 12
It said allegation of the company’s mineral water business is untrue.
19 Oct 12
The initial public offering is planned to be launched next month.
15 Oct 12
The warning is based on a substantial decrease of approximately 14% in the price of steel products.
18 May 12
FDI related investments account for 14% of US$9bn while exports account for 7.4% of US$17bn total.
3 Apr 12
Orders were less due to power outages and raw material shortages.
22 Mar 12
It's the tablet PC which moved 656,000 units in the past year, a blistering pace that almost beat laptop sales.
28 Feb 12
The spin-off enabled the company to focus on the development of chemical business and provided investors clearer view on the operating and...
28 Feb 12
The company's turnover soared by 78% to HK$2.1bn.
24 Jan 12
Why the glum forecast from Fitch when a demand boom is imminent in 2012?
20 Jan 12
Bose Corporation was founded in 1964 by Dr.
19 Jan 12
FreyWille brings beauty, art and fashion all together with...
19 Jan 12
Managing Director Mr. Joseph Yu, head of Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) Ltd.
11 Jan 12
The British automotive company is now setting its sights on China as a potential engine of growth.
8 Dec 11
And guess which industry was disappointing despite festive season demand?
29 Nov 11
The company benefits from enlarged contribution from manufacturing business as the company’s turnover rose by 16.2% to HK$2.6bn.
24 Nov 11
Credit tightening measures, softened domestic consumption and faltering export during the period dampened the demand for containerboard in China...
22 Nov 11
The customer will initially pay US$4mn to the Group in February 2012 as first installment of payment.
18 Nov 11
The company fixes offering price at HK$1.20 per share.
14 Nov 11
Growth mainly due to higher revenue generated offset by the higher operating, financial and tax expenses incurred.
8 Nov 11
Newly-commenced Licensing business increased its contribution to the Group’s revenue by 359.8% to HK$46.9 million for 1H FY2012.
2 Nov 11
Founder Liu Chuanzhi shifts focus to fresh challenges as record share, maintained growth provides perfect timing for transition.
2 Nov 11
The PC maker becomes the world’s second-largest PC vendor, with record market share of 13.5%.
1 Nov 11
The company is well-positioned to penetrate into new business segments as its revenue rose 28%.
1 Nov 11
The company has been chosen among the 100 largest which derive the majority of their sales revenue from China.
26 Oct 11
Final offer price has been set at HK$1.0 per share as dealings in shares start on Thursday.
26 Oct 11
Slowing overseas orders are raising fears of Taiwanese export producers going bankrupt in China’s Guangdong province.
23 Oct 11
The company achieved profitable operation and recorded 10% gross margin in tough market.
20 Oct 11
The fund will provide sustain further expansion in China.
19 Oct 11
Zhang will replace KAU Pak Kwan, who has been re-assigned as a nonexecutive director of the Company.
13 Oct 11
The company vows to continue investing in innovation that will help drive the convergence of technologies and services among its product lines...
13 Oct 11
The company gives exclusive distribution rights in Hong Kong to Jebsen & Co.
12 Oct 11
The committee on patent system review will be chaired by Andrew Liao.
7 Oct 11
The Commerce & Economic Development Burea will run the consultation period until December 31.
4 Oct 11
The forecast is amidst drop in consumer confidence in the European Union and the United States.