In Focus

17 Jan 18
Retailers should be ready to revamp their stores into unique lifestyle concepts to battle e-commerce.
9 Jan 18
Only 1 in 10 or 11.5% of total households will be able to afford an average private housing by 2019.
20 Dec 17
Young professionals can rent beds for around HK$3,500 to HK$5,500 each.
11 Dec 17
It's amongst the three sectors that survived the retail slump.
5 Dec 17
Robotics mostly serves as a stop-gap measure to overcome flaws in tech infrastructure.
29 Nov 17
Half believe that growth is buoyed by Mainland China’s economy.
22 Nov 17
Its new bank resolution regime was only introduced in July.
21 Nov 17
Hong Kong's greatest strength lies in its finance skills.
13 Nov 17
They expect to make an average annual return of 9%.
8 Nov 17
Thanks to stable residential sales and commercial rents.
1 Nov 17
33% of employers worry that employees don't work hard as much.
24 Oct 17
Chatbots can now manage applicant profiles and organise interviews.
18 Oct 17
52% say their finance teams can't easily adapt to newly implemented technologies.
11 Oct 17
But the number of IPOs increased 52% to 114.
4 Oct 17
Will 'bots be taking over the world of headhunting?
27 Sep 17
52% of CFOs say blockchain improved their businesses.
19 Sep 17
The people aged 65 and over will hit 1.9m by 2027.
13 Sep 17
No thanks to unregulated pricing regime.
6 Sep 17
The government is implementing a revised bank resolution regime.
30 Aug 17
Analysts caution reading too much into one month’s print.
23 Aug 17
The prevalence of high-LTV second mortgages increases default risks for homebuyers.
16 Aug 17
That is in response to the move towards more stringent regulatory requirements.
9 Aug 17
Coworking market almost doubled in size in the past two years.
2 Aug 17
Expect a further increase in corporate and household indebtedness.
26 Jul 17
Some firms have tailored development programs to attract them.
19 Jul 17
Import growth will also slow to 2.3%.
12 Jul 17
69% say employees who accepted counteroffers still leave the company.
5 Jul 17
  The total value increased 10.7% to $73.9b.
28 Jun 17
It will raise an estimated $53.8b, a 77% jump versus last year.
21 Jun 17
London and New York comes after.
14 Jun 17
They're expecting options of working from home.
7 Jun 17
It is reflective of public-private partnership difficulties.
5 Jun 17
It's been recognised as such for two consecutive years.
30 May 17
Buyers with more than one residential property to be affected.
29 May 17
Reduced outflows from China is one factor.
22 May 17
A typical expat package for Middle Managers is around $2m.
17 May 17
It's the highest rate since 1Q11.
10 May 17
They are in demand as companies step up protection against data security risks.
3 May 17
Along with 8,000 new job vacancies.
26 Apr 17
The technology industry in Hong Kong is booming, which is exacerbating an already increasing skills shortage.