16 Jul 20
It is said to have almost fully recovered its high transaction volume pre-lockdown.
9 Jul 20
The region fell behind the average global HNWI growth rate despite robust market performance.
11 Jun 20
This is due to the uptick of investment activity in real estate and infrastructure.
3 Jun 20
Easing of measures helped businesses to restart operations.
1 Jun 20
The property sector is starting to show more activity as sales recover.
21 May 20
This comes as companies struggle to monitor third-party risks during the pandemic.
21 May 20
Singapore and Indonesia dominated the VC fundraising market.
19 May 20
Economy activity is expected to suffer despite restrictions being lifted in prefectures.
19 May 20
This comes as exports, public consumption, and investment dragged on growth.
21 Apr 20
Jobs lost to COVID-19 could be slow to win back.
2 Apr 20
The garment sector faces a weak outlook due to factory closures.
2 Apr 20
The Olympics’ postponement will drag on tourism and consumption revenues.
24 Mar 20
Inflation and policy rate falls as unemployment rate increases in the region.
24 Mar 20
Government subsidies of $280 to $420 provide limited support to the industry.
18 Mar 20
Report outlines three downside risk scenarios for China’s GDP.
17 Mar 20
Production suspension in China affects supply chain in the whole region.
16 Mar 20
Rising middle class and the new levy on sweetened products will boost its demand.
11 Mar 20
The total deal size in Southeast Asia surged to $2.4b.
18 Feb 20
China has been seeing an increased tolerance of defaults.
14 Feb 20
A handful of uncompleted railway projects in 2019 are set to pick up in 2020.
10 Feb 20
The industry ranks poorly out of 141 territories globally.
5 Feb 20
The tourism sector appears particularly vulnerable.
15 Nov 19
Declines in private inventories significantly dragged on growth.
15 Nov 19
It is also said to be the fastest pace in 16 months.
8 Nov 19
The end of the budget deadlock and government election spending spurred growth.
6 Nov 19
Demand-side private consumption slipped to 1.2% in Q3 due to weak spending.
5 Nov 19
Investments is expected to pick up growth from tech firms.
24 Oct 19
Half of retailers admit that their digital investments are influenced by their competitors.
4 Oct 19
The big three are aggressively monetising data services.
1 Oct 19
The companies’ strong revenue will stand as buffers to renminbi depreciation.
23 Sep 19
A draft PPP law is expected to reinforce the inflow of private capital.
23 Sep 19
Steep land acquisition costs are partially to blame.
20 Sep 19
Regional GDP growth already cooled to 4% in the first half of the year.
20 Sep 19
Urban redevelopment projects will drive growth amidst shrinking housing demand.
17 Sep 19
Export growth is expected to drop 1.2% this year.
12 Sep 19
Real estate costs accounted for up to 14% of the sector’s aggregate operating costs.
6 Sep 19
However, buyout-backed dealmaking slowed to 20 deals worth $400m so far.
5 Sep 19
It poses a problem on the government's renewables push.
4 Sep 19
E-commerce platform Alibaba delivered triple-digit growth in revenue.
3 Sep 19
The trade dispute with Japan may be pushing consumers to buy local.