8 Aug 18
Thanks to the US$14b funding round by China's Ant Financial.
1 Aug 18
Slower sales led firms to scale back their production volumes.
25 Jul 18
Tier 1 Capital ratio could fall from 9.4% to 8% by 2019.
25 Jul 18
Krung Thai Bank’s net profit more than doubled to $230.08m.
25 Jul 18
New Zealand's airfares could rise 7.5%.
18 Jul 18
Rising disposable income could spur spending on skin-care, make-up, and accessories.
17 Jul 18
The app’s wide payment capabilities poses a risk to conventional banks.
17 Jul 18
MUFG is the ninth largest bank globally with a tier 1 capital of $153.04b.
17 Jul 18
The central bank approved a pilot project creating a real-time remittance corridor.
17 Jul 18
Chinese lenders held the top four places in overall ranking based on Tier 1 capital.
11 Jul 18
Its ASEAN-bound FDIs have surpassed China-bound FDIs since 2015.
10 Jul 18
Majority of investments were pumped into real estate, energy, and technology.
9 Jul 18
The US accounts for 20% of Japan's total exports.
5 Jul 18
Vietnam led the growth with a real estate developer listing of US$3.1b.
4 Jul 18
Tech startups are the biggest winners.
3 Jul 18
Australia and New Zealand placed second and seventh in the global transparency rankings.
3 Jul 18
Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, and Japan will be amongst the most affected by US tariffs on Chinese goods...
29 Jun 18
Japan's salary surge could cost as much as US$468b by 2030.
27 Jun 18
The move will release liquidity valued at around US$100b to support the economy.
27 Jun 18
SEA and South Asia tourist arrivals rose 10% and 9%, respectively.
26 Jun 18
Hong Kong is the world's most expensive city whilst Tokyo, Singapore, and Seoul also made it to the list.
26 Jun 18
Capital outflows from China, Hong Kong, and Singapore that totalled US$71.9b secured APAC's top spot.
22 Jun 18
32% of Thai enterprises have tried implementing digital transformations in at least one area of their businesses.
22 Jun 18
Hong Kong prime offices are the world's most expensive at US$306.57 per sqft per annum.
21 Jun 18
Overall initial public offering (IPO) value in the Asia Pacific region fell 21% to US$31.9b in the first half of 2018.
20 Jun 18
The value of non-cash transactions in China hit 50% in 2016.
19 Jun 18
Their total wealth climbed 14.8% to US$21.6t.
18 Jun 18
There was a 20.7% YoY import increase in the energy sector.
18 Jun 18 will put up product sale through Google shopping.
13 Jun 18
Sluggish employment is experienced in the country.
13 Jun 18
Assets under management grew 15.2% which is almost double Europe’s 7.5%.
11 Jun 18
Hongkong, Brazil, and Singapore came next with US$104b, US$63b, and US$62b worth of FDI, respectively.
8 Jun 18
E-commerce orders ballooned 46.1% due to higher smartphone use.
8 Jun 18
However, robust deal-making activity may buoy the sector from its slump.
7 Jun 18
Foreigners could help counter labour shortage in construction and agriculture.
5 Jun 18
Credit costs rose from 2.5% to 4.3% of loans on average at state banks.
1 Jun 18
Lenders handled a whopping $11.1t in mobile payments in the first quarter alone.
1 Jun 18
European private banks are heavily investing in Asian footholds.
30 May 18
Loans to the SME segment accounted for almost a third of total system loans.
30 May 18
Seven lenders will take a stake of little over 14% in the JV.