21 Aug 19
Declining exports weighed heavily on economic growth.
20 Aug 19
Outbound M&A value was down as cross-border deals from Chinese buyers dried up.
16 Aug 19
The move comes after the economy grew by 5.5% in Q2.
16 Aug 19
Rise in upper-class population, high consumer confidence, and moderate inflation will spur high-ticket car purchases.
15 Aug 19
Gross margins of the two top producers improved.
13 Aug 19
Vietnam’s textile sourcing rose 13% YoY in Q1 2019.
13 Aug 19
Passenger traffic in Australia nearly ground to a halt whilst those in India fell below the 5% mark.
13 Aug 19
Exports to key markets including, ASEAN, UK, EU and South Korea showed positive growth.
9 Aug 19
Private consumption and government consumption both slowed down.
9 Aug 19
Bharti Infratel - Indus Towers, Reliance Jio, and American Tower command a market share of 80%.
8 Aug 19
The plan by the State Council to cut high-value medical consumables prices deals a heavy blow.
7 Aug 19
Property investment in Singapore doubled, with the office sector hauling in $6.37b in investments.
7 Aug 19
Ongoing security concerns may hinder growth, but infra spending could provide support.
31 Jul 19
Cutting down branches is one way of keeping costs down.
26 Jul 19
However, 51% said that they struggle to locate and attract key talents.
17 Jul 19
The manufacturing sector and tariffs are expected to drag down real GDP growth to 6.3% in 2019.
12 Jul 19
Only US$12.3b was invested into these regions, the lowest activity level since 2014.
11 Jul 19
China accounted for 53% of the region’s decline.
27 Jun 19
Over 36,000 new houses were sold in 30 cities in mid-June.
25 Jun 19
Project delays result in cost overruns, with multi-state projects being hit the hardest.
24 Jun 19
Demand is likely to remain subdued in the second half of the year.
18 Jun 19
It already rose 16.8% YoY in April 2019.
30 May 19
Growth was driven by China where real estate investments surged to $17b.
6 May 19
China remains the top source market, accounting for 55.8% of Asian passengers.
29 Apr 19
A buildup of investors has led to an oversupply in the electronics sector.
23 Apr 19
Prime rents within Tokyo’s 23 CBDs pushed to $71.57 per 1,420 sqft per month, a cyclical high for stock of this nature.
4 Apr 19
Over half of APAC manufacturing organisations have experienced a cyber breach.
3 Apr 19
Investments in office, retail and industrial properties hit a new high of $146b.
1 Apr 19
The growth was mainly driven by agriculture, forestry and fishery, industry and construction, and services.
1 Apr 19
Chinese corporates' onshore funding costs are forecasted to fall further.
21 Mar 19
The energy sector saw the most defaults of $6.94b.
20 Mar 19
Chinese startups clinched almost 1 in 3 global VCs.
8 Mar 19
The country is aiming to build a commodity circulation system that fits the modern economic system.
5 Mar 19
The exports of manufacturing and mining goods underpinned export growth.
20 Feb 19
It was led by online payment provider Ant Financial’s mammoth $14b series C funding round.
20 Feb 19
The total investment is almost double that recorded in end-2016.
19 Feb 19
Exports to EU, Japan, South Korea and ASEAN have recovered.
19 Feb 19
Tourist visits will recover following the Phuket boat accident in last 2018.
19 Feb 19
The 36 superyachts at Yacht Haven Marina would cover a distance of 1,582 meters.
15 Feb 19
Companies that supply parts and components to China were hit by weak demand.