HKB National Business Awards 2017

Tue, 25 July 2017
Hong Kong


The Hong Kong Business National Business Awards is an initiative to honour exceptional local businesses in Hong Kong. The awards, on its first year, will recognise the remarkable contributions of local firms to the Hong Kong economy. 

Nomination is open to homegrown companies in Hong Kong. If you have the most innovative projects and best practices which significantly enhanced the company's business in and want to stand out as one of the best local companies in Hong Kong, nominate and get recognised.
Nomination is free. If your company wins, you are obliged to attend the event and book any of the winner's package options for the Awards Ceremony. Click here to see pricing.
Key dates
Deadline for submission of entries: 23 June 2017, Friday
Awards dinner: 25 July 2017, Tuesday

For more details, contact:
Julie Anne Nunez
+65 3158 1386 ext 221