HKB Made in Hong Kong Awards and Designed in Hong Kong Awards 2020

Thu, 26 November 2020
Hong Kong


The Hong Kong Business Made in Hong Kong Awards and Designed in Hong Kong Awards are back on their fourth year to recognise excellent and innovative products in Hong Kong!
These awards programmes are initiatives to honour manufacture and product design excellence in various industries.

Nomination is open to all companies in Hong Kong that produce business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) products.

Products that are manufactured in Hong Kong can be nominated for the Made in Hong Kong Awards, while products that are conceptualised by a Hong Kong-based office but manufactured outside the country can be nominated for the Designed in Hong Kong Awards.

These programmes have been awarding the game-changers in their industries, some of which are:

If you want to be part of this growing list of outstanding product innovators, nominate now!
*Nomination is free. If your company wins, you are to book any of the winner's package options to maximise the benefits of your win. Click here to see pricing.

Here’s what some of our past winners have to say about winning the award:
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Deadline for submissions: 30 October 2020, Friday
Awards dinner: 26 November 2020, Thursday*

*Should there be any restrictions in holding a physical awarding ceremony in November, Hong Kong Business Review will conduct digital award presentations and interviews with the winning companies in place of the physical awarding ceremony. Details and arrangements will be shared to the winners upon announcement of results.

Click here for a sample of the digital presentation and interview for your reference.

For more details, contact:
Jane Patiag
+65 3158 1386