HKB Listed Companies Awards 2015

Thu, 16 July 2015
Hong Kong


Hong Kong Business Listed Companies Awards is an initiative to honor and recognize public listed companies in Hong Kong.
Listed companies may nominate:

1. Best new product/service - The project has been completed over the last 24 calendar months.
2. Best Innovation - The project has been launched prior to 24 calendar months and had recent innovations to improve the product/service/project.
If you have the most innovative projects and best practices which significantly enhanced the company's business and want to stand out as one of the best listed companies in Hong Kong, nominate and get recognized.
Nominations are being accepted until 5 June 2015 only.
Nomination is free. If your company wins, you are obliged to attend the event and book any of the winners package options for the Awards Ceremony. Click here to see the pricing.
Winners will be celebrated at the awarding ceremony on July 2015 in Hong Kong.
Guidelines and categories, click here
To nominate, click here

For more details, contact:
Julie Anne Nuñez
+65 6223 7660 ext. 221