HKB High Flyers Awards 2018

Wed, 23 January 2019
Hong Kong


Hong Kong Business High Flyers Awards 2018
In 2004, the High-Flyers Awards was launched to recognise Hong Kong’s business heroes. The Awards was an instant success and has now become a recognised symbol of excellence for companies through SAR. Now its 14th year, the Hong Kong Business High Flyers Awards is continuously on the look out to honour Hong Kong's most successful companies that made a remarkable contribution to the economy. 
As the foremost business magazine in the SAR and China, Hong Kong Business works closely with leaders and achievers in various industries - be it finance, property, aviation, etc. - an excellent vantage point for identifying and recognising companies of proven excellence and achievement.
Companies who wish to participate for the Hong Kong Business High Flyers Awards and receive a prestigious award should be able to showcase their achievements through the following: 
  • Track record of leadership in the field
  • Continuous innovation on product and service delivery
  • Proven commitment to excellence in operations and customer focus
  • Effectiveness & dynamism of initiatives and strategies
  • Strong brand leadership and marketing


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Julie Anne Nunez
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