China International Business Awards 2021

Thu, 5 August 2021
Shanghai, China


The China International Business Awards is an initiative to honour foreign companies in China and recognise their outstanding projects that successfully earned them a foothold in the country.

Organised by Hong Kong Business, this prestigious awards programme is open to companies in all industries with global headquarters located outside China.
If you are one of these companies, seize this opportunity to be awarded and nominate your best project, product, service, strategy, or initiative.
Some of our past winners are:
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Visit the Guidelines page for more information.

Deadline for submission of entries: 25 June 2021
Digital award presentations: August 2021
See the list of 2020 winners here.
Watch the digital award presentations here.

Due to the pandemic, this year's awarding and interviews with winning companies will be held virtually through digital award presentations.
Award trophies will be couriered to the winning companies' addresses. Further details and adjustments will be disclosed upon announcement of winners.

Play the videos below to see samples of digital award presentations and interviews.

Darren Lim
Regional Managing Director
Cityneon Holdings
Cicci Xi
Director of Global IR Asia Product & Technology
Johnson Controls
Hailiang Zhang
CEO for Mainland China

For more details, contact:
Jane Patiag
+65 3158 1386 ext. 217