Information Technology Commentaries

14 Jun 2019
BY Lawrence Chia
According to Hong Kong Police statistics, financial losses due to cybercrime reached $2.77b in 2018 in the territory, almost doubling the figure for 2017.
7 Jun 2019
BY Matty Kaffeman
Hong Kong is emerging as a digitally sophisticated nation being named by The Digital Evolution Index, the third most advanced digital economy in APAC, and the ninth in the world.
1 Apr 2019
BY Lawrence Chia
The 2019 Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon saw a record number of participants take part in this annual race.
5 Mar 2019
BY Lawrence Chia
Data hacks, security breaches, vulnerable IT systems – these are all hot topics in Hong Kong at the moment.
7 Nov 2018
BY Roger Chen
E-commerce is Hong Kong’s number one side hustle pursuit, according to GoDaddy’s Gig Economy Survey in 2017, highlighting the city’s enduring entrepreneurial spirit.
11 Sep 2018
BY Lawrence Chia
Two years ago, I shared with Hong Kong Business readers how we will be able to build smarter retail infrastructure through in-store artificial intelligence (AI).
22 Aug 2018
BY Wickie Fung
According to the Global Financial Centre Index, Hong Kong ranks as the third leading global financial centre after London and New York.
25 Jul 2018
BY Philip Yu
WiFi is going to turn into an emerging marketing asset.
11 May 2018
BY Brian Lavallée
The beauty of living in a place where the history and geographic location fuels inventive minds is very apparent here in Hong Kong.
2 May 2018
BY Roger Chen
In the high-paced city that is Hong Kong, the internet is alive, changing, and always moving towards new technologies and trends.
26 Apr 2018
BY Linda Hui
The unveiling by the HKSAR Government of its Smart City blueprint late last year gave an insight into the transformation that, if all goes to plan, will improve city management, quality of living, enhance economic growth and modernise Hong Kong.
18 Jan 2018
BY Richard Hanson
The recent investment made in Hong Kong-based artificial intelligence company SenseTime Group by US mobile chip giant Qualcomm Technologies was the world’s biggest ever fundraising by an artificial intelligence startup.
15 Feb 2017
BY Alex Tam
In 2011, Marc Andreesen, the well-known super angel investor, famously wrote an essay declaring that “software is eating the world and every company is a technology company.” His bold statement stirred heated debates but five years later, when seeing how technology has revolutionised the way people live and how businesses operate, it’s no longer a stretch to say that technology is underpinning every business.
10 Aug 2016
BY Juni Yan
As the development of Internet of Things (IoT) continues to mature, we see these new technological advances are shaping the healthcare industry.
28 Jul 2016
BY Anthony McLachlan
In 2013, the UBM’s Future Cities report ranked Hong Kong the smartest city in Asia Pacific.
16 May 2016
BY Julien Rio
Hong Kong is famous for its crowded streets, its great transportation network, and its incredibly expensive apartments.
1 Feb 2016
BY Alex Tam
If we look back at how technology has impacted business development in 2015, we will see that trends like big data, cloud computing, and Internet of Things (IoT) have gradually become the new enterprise norms.
7 Oct 2015
BY Billy Chuang
Chances are that over the last few months, you have more than likely received an email from a friend to redeem some type of reward through a link and something just doesn't seem quite right.
29 Sep 2015
BY Justin Nelson
Asia is leading the charge when it comes to Machine-to-Machine (M2M) adoption, and Hong Kong could be one of the region's top innovation hubs in M2M.
18 Aug 2015
BY Sri Srinivisan
According to the 2nd annual "Report on Hong Kong SME Cloud Adoption, Security & Privacy Readiness Survey" compiled by the Internet Society Hong Kong and Cloud Security Alliance (HK & Macau Chapter), close to 83% of surveyed companies are utilising or planning to utilise Cloud services in the year ahead, a significant increase from the 55% reported in the previous year.
18 Jun 2014
BY Celeste Kemper
In the second half of our two-part series, I highlight the remaining steps businesses should take to effectively control their data.
18 Jun 2014
BY Linda Hui
Hong Kong currently boasts an impressive 16.4 million mobile subscriptions, with 71% social media penetration and a cumulative average online presence exceeding 5.5 hours per person, each day, according to latest insights from We Are Social.
16 Apr 2014
BY Celeste Kemper
By 2015 the total amount of data in the world will increase to 7.9 zettabytes, according to IDC.
10 Apr 2014
BY Kenneth Chau
It's no fun to think about all the ways your business can be disrupted – hurricanes, tsunamis, snow storms, epidemics, earthquakes, tornados, terrorism, floods, fires, even relatively minor incidents like a failed water main or a planned event like an office relocation.
21 Jan 2014
BY Andrew Sampson
Are we producing too much data?
12 Aug 2013
BY Tommi Lampila
With billions of dollars worth of transactions taking place across the globe every day, financial institutions are a goldmine for cyber-criminals, if their systems are breached.
2 Aug 2013
BY John Henderson
The number of mobile internet devices is set to outnumber humans by the end of this year.
18 Jul 2013
BY Linda Hui
Hong Kong and the rest of the world are becoming increasingly connected electronically, expanding markets and reducing the inefficiencies of doing business across borders.
4 Jul 2013
BY Jonathan Shea
The rapid adoption of the Internet has been impacting the community at large.
17 Jun 2013
BY Terry Smagh
Data is increasingly described as the “new oil” of the 21st century.
16 May 2013
BY Joelle Woo
Deploying the latest operating system in Hong Kong can help users prevent various virus and malicious software attacks.
8 May 2013
BY Victor Tsao
Driven by the consumerization of IT, user-owned devices are increasingly used for business purposes, forcing significant changes in organisations.
7 May 2013
BY Daniel Walker
Just when you thought your Hong Kong website had every possible permutation covered from dot com to dot asia and beyond, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (which mouthful we’ll refer to as ICANN from now on) has decided that April 2013 is as good a time as any to open the flood gates just a little wider, with the variety of available domain names zooming from twenty or so now to potentially fourteen hundred sometime this year.
26 Apr 2013
BY Terry Smagh
A company is only as good as its people.
25 Mar 2013
BY Jimmy Ball
Think back to how fast interfaces have changed in computing; I remember my parents taking a class in COBOL where they had to type their instruction set into a terminal, that then punched a paper card that was then fed into the computer.
11 Mar 2013
BY Franklin Sze
CIOs see role evolving towards operational responsibilities, more internal consultancy and less IT infrastructure administration Among businesses in Hong Kong, the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) is poised to change fundamentally over the next few years.
11 Mar 2013
BY Jon Chung
Market uncertainties on a global scale pose challenges to enterprises of all sizes today.
20 Feb 2013
BY Mark Randall
In 2011, the China Rail Ministry created an online ticketing website for people to book train tickets.
20 Feb 2013
BY Alex Tam
2013 is a year of data explosion.
20 Feb 2013
BY Jim Watson
In Hong Kong mobile phone penetration is currently 213% and smart phone penetration is 61%, the second highest in the world1.