Financial Services Commentaries

23 Jan 2020
BY Konrad Chan
Retailers gearing up for 2020 may have been urged to double down on technology to deliver the elusive optimal customer experience that hits all the right notes across the virtual and physical worlds of commerce.
14 Nov 2019
BY Emily Georgiades
Asset Protection Trusts (APT) can be used by anyone to protect their assets.
12 Sep 2019
BY Kiran Pudi and Andrea Maessen
"Asian markets and customers are much too price sensitive!" "We are experiencing 20%+ growth.
8 Apr 2019
BY Lawrence Tsi
The new international accounting standards on treatment of leases will have a serious impact on the financials and operations of many companies in Hong Kong.
7 Feb 2019
BY Adeline Hales
Over the past few years, Hong Kong has established itself as one of the hottest global hubs for startups.
8 Mar 2018
BY David Hui
The dominance of the large, listed companies so long at the heart of Hong Kong’s economic and business culture is under threat, challenged by the government efforts to boost competition, increasingly sophisticated shareholder demands, changing or disrupted markets and rival economic centres in the region.
16 Jan 2017
BY Eric Mayer
Hong Kong has strongly built a reputation as a world-class business centre: not only is it one of the largest financial centres in the world, but it is also the jurisdiction where most foreign investments going to mainland China originate from, as well where most mainland Chinese investments going to the rest of the world are structured.
6 Jan 2015
BY J. Bradley Hall
The ancient Chinese curse "May you live in interesting times" seems to be applying to most of us these days.
20 Nov 2014
BY Lawrence Tsong
Identity (ID) theft and fraud are on the rise in Hong Kong.
1 Sep 2014
BY Lawrence Chau
Hong Kong’s consumers prefer to pay with their credit cards instead of cash because of several reasons.
10 Jul 2014
BY J. Bradley Hall
China has informally restricted Bitcoin (BTC) exchanges from accepting new inflows of Yuan, attaching a question mark for the virtual currency in one of its biggest markets.
28 Nov 2013
BY J. Bradley Hall
In Hong Kong, any discussion regarding currencies tends to focus on offshore trading of the RMB, the expanding list of 24 Chinese bilateral swap agreements and how much longer the US$ can maintain a diminishing global reserve status.
5 Nov 2013
BY David Knights
Hong Kong life expectancy, for both sexes, has steadily increased over the last 41 years.
30 Sep 2013
BY David Knights
SMEs in the Hong Kong Economy Hong Kong’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) received a boost last year when the government revised its SME Loan Guarantee Scheme, a backing policy promoted by the Trade and Industry Department, to guarantee 50 per cent of the approved loan for an SME.[1] But the enhanced scheme does not change the fact that taking out a loan can be a time-consuming process.
6 Aug 2013
BY Angus Choi
The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) recently highlighted a number of ‘warning signs’ that the territory’s economy was in danger of over-heating.
25 Jul 2013
BY Scott D. Michel, Esq.
On July 10, 2013, the Hong Kong Legislative Council moved to enable Hong Kong to enter into stand-alone Tax Information Exchange Agreements and, more importantly for U.S.
1 Jul 2013
BY J. Bradley Hall
In Q1, 2013, COMEX gold vaults in the US were drained of 2,000,000 ounces of gold, the largest withdrawal of physical gold bullion in the last 12 years.  In April, 2013 The largest Dutch bank ABN, defaulted on physical gold deliveries to their customers.
3 Jun 2013
BY Andrew Sennett
This is the first in a series of articles about this topic, social impact bonds.
17 Apr 2013
BY Patrick O' Brien
Bitcoin, an alternative currency that doesn't exist physically, has become the talk of the financial world recently as people lose faith in the euro and other traditional currencies.
16 Apr 2013
BY George McFerran
Hong Kong experienced a 24% decrease in the number of financial services job opportunities in Q1 of 2013 compared to Q1of 2012, according to the latest quarterly Job Barometer from eFinancialCareers.
5 Feb 2013
BY Jacinta Sheahan
Even during good times, cost control is a vital factor for Hong Kong businesses and directly leads to savings through better working practices.
13 Aug 2012
BY George McFerran
Banking and work-life balance (WLB) have traditionally been anathema to each other – after all, this is a sector famous for the 80-hour week.
19 Jul 2012
BY Allan Eu 余雅倫
If you are wondering how the price of gold is manipulated, this analysis is for you.
6 Jul 2012
BY Allan Eu 余雅倫
You buy a liability policy and figure, "That's it I'm covered.
21 May 2012
BY Wander Meijer
It takes just a few minutes for people to realize they have forgotten their mobile phone after leaving home; but it takes in general much longer for people to notice that their wallet is missing.
3 Apr 2012
BY Lee Kha Loon
In August 2011, Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang visited Hong Kong, where he unveiled plans to create an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that would allow mainland China investors to invest in stocks listed in Hong Kong.
3 Apr 2012
BY George McFerran
It’s a candidate-led market in this job sector.
3 Feb 2011
BY David Beaves
The rights of both the bank and borrower when it comes to non-financial covenant default will not remain a question anymore.
2 Jul 2010
Providing banking and other financial services to the poor has always presented particular challenges.
2 Jul 2010
BY Egidio Zarrella
Financial Institutions should take note of the changing environment in payments.