Economy Commentaries

4 Dec 2020
BY Adrian Stones
Three reasons why Hong Kong needs a corporate wellness paradigm shift now and five ways to make it happen in your company Hong Kong scores the lowest out of eight global markets when it comes to well-being.
27 Nov 2020
BY Cheryl Ng
Choosing local doesn’t just help the economy; it also keeps cultural diversity alive in the community.
20 Jul 2020
BY Eric Chin
What started as a bold threat from the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, has been stripped of any pretence of mere possibility, as President Donald Trump declared Hong Kong is to officially have its special trade status revoked.
11 Jun 2020
BY Eric Chin
Hong Kong has taken a series of unfavourable hits in the last year, their unfortunate magnitude clear to see for the watching eyes of the world.
3 Sep 2019
BY Satish Bakhda
There is no secret of the tumultuous times in Hong Kong right now.
8 Mar 2018
BY David Hui
The dominance of the large, listed companies so long at the heart of Hong Kong’s economic and business culture is under threat, challenged by the government efforts to boost competition, increasingly sophisticated shareholder demands, changing or disrupted markets and rival economic centres in the region.
26 Feb 2018
BY Mark Kramer
How do we make sure we have an education system that is welcoming for all?
5 May 2016
BY Tony Wong
Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx) released consultation conclusions regarding Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Reporting Guide last December, announcing the upgrade of ESG disclosure requirement from recommended best practice to "comply or explain" in two phases.
1 Oct 2015
BY John Van Der Wielen
As an Aussie based out of Australia, I enjoyed the welcome sights and sounds of my fellow countrymen and women cheering on the Australian cricket team in its quest to retain the Ashes last August, even though the end result wasn't what we were hoping for.
13 Feb 2015
BY Herman Lam
Much of Hong Kong's economic success can be attributed to our agility and entrepreneurial spirit.
24 Nov 2014
BY Alix Farquhar
Hong Kong is abuzz with all things social enterprise.
11 Nov 2014
BY Nick Gronow
Fraud among companies operating in Hong Kong is prevalent, like it is in many cities across the Asia region, but unfortunately it can seem rife in Asia's world city given the jurisdiction's strong connection to businesses in mainland China.
8 Oct 2014
BY Alix Farquhar
So many business people believe that employee volunteering is a nice-to-have: a half day out of the office, combined with a team building exercise, perhaps cleaning the beach, painting a playground, or serving food to the elderly.
22 Aug 2013
BY David Knights
This article provides investors with tips on how they can protect their business in Hong Kong.
3 Jun 2013
BY Andrew Sennett
This is the first in a series of articles about this topic, social impact bonds.
16 May 2013
BY Allan Eu 余雅倫
The big sell-off in gold and silver lately has been driven by the paper market.
25 Apr 2013
BY Hans Leijten
On the face of it, things don't look great for Hong Kong's economy this year.
1 Apr 2013
BY Allan Eu 余雅倫
I’m sure everyone knows by now that Cyprus is stealing 40% of private deposits and seizing entire accounts.
6 Mar 2013
BY Allan Eu 余雅倫
A century ago when China was on the silver standard China was in a complete mess, looted and humiliated repeatedly by Russia, Japan, the British, and the United States.
19 Feb 2013
BY Hans Leijten
A decade or so after the term 'BRIC' term was coined to acknowledge the potential of leading emerging economies, there still appears to be a reluctance to see the opportunities there.
17 Dec 2012
BY Jon Walsh
A sharp decline in business confidence in many rapidly-growing economies is raising a warning flag that global business may face continued uncertainty for some time to come.
7 Dec 2012
BY Rachel Catanach
The recent leadership changes in China are a good reminder for companies and boards of the need for carefully managed leadership succession planning and communication.
27 Nov 2012
BY Allan Eu 余雅倫
As the US continues to suffer economic difficulties stemming from their federal government’s neglect to reform domestic and foreign spending.
23 Nov 2012
BY Wander Meijer
A friendly headhunter stated clearly in his blunt language: “We don’t recruit guys like you for executive positions at international companies; you are too old.
6 Nov 2012
BY Baniel Cheung
Many of us are very proud that several international organizations have rated Hong Kong as one of the best cities for living, shopping and travelling.
19 Oct 2012
BY Wander Meijer
A good friend had the ambition to become a millionaire before his 40th birthday, a common ambition in Hong Kong, and he was well underway until recession struck.
15 Oct 2012
BY Allan Eu 余雅倫
The strategic structure of the appearance of legitimacy started in 1913 at Jekyll Island, Georgia; hence, the birth of the US Federal Reserve System.
30 Sep 2012
BY Allan Eu 余雅倫
The beginning of banks in Britain In England banks developed in the 17th century.
29 Aug 2012
BY Wander Meijer
“August 21 - Vietnamese police have arrested one of the country’s wealthiest bankers over undisclosed financial crimes, triggering sharp falls on stock markets in the economically troubled nation”.
6 Jul 2012
BY Gregory M. Thomas
Can Hong Kong hold its competitive position by relying on an open economy, low taxes, rule of law, and excellent infrastructure?
3 Jul 2012
BY Wander Meijer
If you desire an animated dinner, start a debate about why some countries are rich while others are poor.
5 Jun 2012
BY James Rogers
Since this author last reported on Hong Kong’s emergence as an important regional arbitration venue, two significant developments have further bolstered the standing of the territory.
1 Jun 2012
BY Allan Eu 余雅倫
The only solution is to allow the volume of money to be determined entirely by free-market forces.
4 May 2012
BY Allan Eu 余雅倫
When Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner recently visited China in a rah-rah session for the dollar—their reaction was almost appalling.
3 Apr 2012
BY Allan Eu 余雅倫
The US Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that 227,000 new nonfarm payroll jobs were created by the economy during February.
5 Mar 2012
BY Allan Eu 余雅倫
I have far fewer concerns about a bank going under in Hong Kong than I do in the US.
9 Nov 2011
BY Wander Meijer
On the 31st of October 2011, the 7th Billion World citizen was born.