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Ewan Ross

Ewan Ross

Being one of the top performers in Meltwater, Ewan has led a successful career within the organisation starting in Edinburgh before moving to South Africa where he developed business across Africa. Ewan then launched Meltwater's business in India before moving across to Hong Kong where he now heads up the Greater China region with offices in Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong.

In his current capacity as Area Director of Meltwater, Ewan Ross oversees the business development and operation in Greater China. With years of experience in media intelligence in different markets, Ewan understands the importance of leveraging external data to build brands and drive business growth. As a trusted partner and media intelligence consultant to brands, he is passionate in enabling brands in the region to extract insights from billions of online conversations, and stay ahead of their competition.

London born, Scottish-bred, Ewan was educated at the University of Edinburgh studying economics. He currently calls Hong Kong home.

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